Giant Party Size Twinkies Baking Kit

Posted: November 15, 2020
Giant Party Size Twinkies Baking Kit
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Twinkie, Twinkie little star / how I wonder what you are...still doing in your giant Party Size Twinkies baking pan. Get! In! My! Belly!

Hostess has released a Party Size Twinkies Baking Kit to celebrate this holiday season, and even though I've never before associated Twinkies with Christmas, or heard of kiddos leaving Twinkies out for Santa, I am all in. Let the Party Size Twinkie replace the Yule Log. And definitely the fruit cake. Peppermint bark and Panettone can peace out with the peace on Earth too. Party Size Twinkie on a plate to myself plus a pint of heavily spiked eggnog: now that's the 2020 Christmas cheer I'm talkin' about.

Remember back in 2012 when Twinkies were discontinued for a few months? From near extinction to supersized centerpiece of the holiday dessert buffet - you've come a long way Hostess stuffed snack cakes.

Like the DIY part of the Party Size Twinkies Baking Kit but flying solo this year, or just prefer your treats standard-sized? Check out the Homemade Twinkie Maker.

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