Posted: March 07, 2022
Check It Out

Why does this ChoClit taste fi-...naaah, I'm not gonna say it. Especially since ChoClits seller Firebox has already done one better than I ever could with their description of what I'm sure is a generally genitally delicious box of chocolates: "Congrats. You found the sweet spot."

Rounding out the explicit chocolate body part family currently made up of Edible Anus Chocolates, After Dinner Nipples, and the Eat a Dick chocolate penis for anonymous mailing, ChoClits arrive just in time for baby showers, bachelor parties, and Adults Only Easter Baskets. Each box contains 6 delectable milk chocolate vaginas just waiting for a kiss, a lick, a nibble, and a big ol' bite.

Hey, some ladies are probably into that.

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