SunnyD Vodka Seltzer

Posted: March 20, 2023
SunnyD Vodka Seltzer

Getting drunk makes me nostalgic, and now, thanks to SunnyD Vodka Seltzers, getting nostalgic will make me drunk. Well, tipsy. Maybe. The orange drank's new alcoholic beverage is only 4.5% ABV. But if I can drink a whole gallon of them, as I always could of regular SunnyD, a SunnyB-U-Z-Z is definitely in my future.

Perhaps the best part of SunnyD Vodka Seltzer is the brand's tagline for the drink: "Your two favorite things." SunnyD and vodka, my two favorite things? Really? There's a lot of confidence - and presumptuousness - in that bold statement. I mean, what about pie and ice cream? Star Wars and sleep? Tacos and sex?

Don't get me wrong, I love me some SunnyD, and vodka is a good friend too, and I would definitely down a 4-pack or two of SunnyD Vodka Seltzer. But even as a fun boozy twist on a fond feature of my childhood, I don't think a sugar bomb of orange flavoring mixed with cheap grain alcohol can top homemade peach lattice crust and vanilla, Han Solo and rolling out of bed at 11 a.m., and carnitas and a BJ on my list of favorite things.

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