Mad Scientist Absinthe Kits

Posted: January 06, 2013
Mad Scientist Absinthe Kits
$31.50 - $79.50
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Sometimes it's fun to play mad scientist. Particularly when doing so involves hallucinogens. OK, so they removed the thujone component from absinthe, but still, 80% of any experience is perception, right? So if I think I'm trippin', I must be trippin'. And the alcohol content is still quite high. And part of the imbibing process involves cubes of pure, insulin-spiking sugar, so at this point I'm thinking when it comes to throwing back absinthe, there is really no good reason not to just do it. Hallelejuh, then, to Absinthes.com, which spoons up a variety of mixologist kits for aspiring anise-flavored liquor enthusiasts, and people like me who dig just about anything mind-altering and potion-themed.

Absinthexplore sets lay out the perfect scene for absinthe tastings. Choose from 3- or 6-tube boxes stocked with sugar-dissolving spoons and your choice absinthe vials from the store's 20-strong collection. And, yes, they do carry Mansinthe, the dark lord Marilyn Manson's electric green journey down the path of blackout drunkenness. For those without the savvy or inclination to select their own absinthe brands, pre-assigned kits are also available. For example, Discovery ($37) takes newbies on an introductory exploration of 3, 50 ml absinthe vials, while Europe ($79.50) highlights 6 of the best from France, Germany, and Switzerland; and Les Vertes ($75) sticks to the 6 greenest-hued of our wormwood friends.

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