Ivanabitch Tobacco Vodka

Posted: September 03, 2013
Ivanabitch Tobacco Vodka

Now that flavored vodkas have started to peak in trendiness--I saw Cilantro over the weekend--and most states are prohibiting smoking inside public places, it's only natural that some enterprising company would bring Tobacco and Menthol Tobacco-seasoned versions of the liquor to the table. Maybe it's even more natural that the company behind it all calls itself Ivanabitch.

Produced in the Netherlands, Ivanabitch vodka won a Gold Medal from the Beverage Testing Institute in Chicago when it launched in 2004. Fingers crossed their shots of liquid cigs will achieve similar accolades when they hit the market in the coming weeks. Mmm, can't wait to try out a Tobacco Bloody Mary at brunch. Or a Skoal Dry Menthol Martini to ease the pain of a long day at the office. A Black Camel Russian after dinner. You know, previously I didn't think anything could make Sex on the Beach any better, but perhaps a vodka chaser that smacks of a Marlboro could prove me wrong.

Muchas danke to Incredible Things.

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