STRYK RXT-1 Robotic Striking Coach

Posted: December 15, 2020
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Your dreams of being bitch slapped by a robot? Meet RXT-1. He makes dreams come true. A forthcoming "robotic striking coach" from STRYK USA, the RXT-1 mounts to your wall and uses 4 removable padded arms to spar with you, throwing its own punches, and blocking the ones you send towards its leather head and torso targets. The effect, somewhat comically, looks kind of like a gang of fly tube guys joined forces to kick some ass.


Time for some tough love training of reflexes, reaction time, hand-eye coordination, speed, agility, and cognitive processing. Oh, and how's your cardio, dude? RXT-1 will robotic strike the ever-loving heart rate out of you too.

Though mainly a gift for athletes in training, the RXT-1's introductory pricing is geared towards home gyms (or at least corners of your basement you've carved out for working out due to 20COVID20) and amateurs down to learn some kicking and punching skills from a robot too. The system comes with 3 fight modes and over 100 combinations to master. A 4-1/2" touchscreen at the RXT-1's chest runs sessions, and tracks time and performance.

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