Ryflx Reaction Time, Coordination & Agility Trainer

Posted: October 07, 2021
Ryflx Reaction Time, Coordination &  Agility Trainer
$118 - $213
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WFH fatigue. Zoom fatigue. COVID-related brain fog. Fun stuff? Nope. But the Ryflx reaction time, coordination & agility trainer, an attempt at curing such maladies, might be.

Ryflx is a sort of whack-a-mole game that subs LED buttons for the pop-up mole heads, and your bare palm for your palm gripping a mallet. Each Ryflx round lasts 60 seconds, during which time the game's 8 satellite buttons light up randomly, and you have to see, reach for, and press them as quick as you can.

In addition to being a "satisfying and addictive" challenge, Ryflx creator Dr. Bright sees the game as a way to give yourself both a physical and mental break from your day. It breaks up long hours of sitting, and encourages movement and stretching across its "X" shape. A few rounds of Ryflx gets the blood flowing, and could help you work out built-up kinks and stiffness. It also stimulates your mind, forces you to refocus, in an effort to clear up brain fog and virtual / WFH fatigue from staring at a screen too long, or participating in one too many Zoom meetings.

Ryflx is designed to test and hone the reaction time, coordination, and agility of all ages, from toddlers to seniors. You can wall-mount the standard-sized Ryflx buttons, or lay the "X" on a countertop to play with the Mini version. Ryflx is available for Kickstarter backers through November 17, 2021.

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