Poweriser Extreme Sport Leg Extensions

Posted: March 22, 2013
Poweriser Extreme Sport Leg Extensions
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Extreme sport leg extensions. I'll say. Maybe you could strap on a pair of Poweriser stilts and bound around like a bunny rabbit, leaping up to 6-1/2' in the air, taking 16' giant steps, and running 100m sprints without breaking a sweat. But me? I'd look like the poor bastard wearing the red T-shirt in the photo above, only my friends wouldn't be flanking me to help, they'd be laughing their asses off in the background. Shut up, Cornelius. At least I'm not the one who got asked by that chick at the bar last week if I'd brushed my teeth anytime over the last five years.

Powerisers look kind of like deviant, possibly tortuous German contraptions, which is appropriate because they are made by Germans. But the Germans swear the spring-loaded leg attachments are comfortable to wear, easy to use, and actually make you stronger and fitter, instead of relegating you to a state of perpetual pain and despair. Developed using aerospace industry components, Powerisers claim to proffer the following benefits:

  • Ripped abs. I think this has something to do with the brace-for-a-punch mantra, which I understand helps people standing and performing other athletic acrobats on stilt-like implements from falling over.
  • Ripped 98% of other muscles. Powerisers exercise 98% of the user's muscles, dependent of course on the effort put in and the intensity of the training session.
  • Adrenaline rush. I guess this is a benefit. Sometimes the word adrenaline makes me freak out though due to the whole Uma Thurman needle-to-the-heart factor, which anyone who saw Pulp Fiction as an innocent child will always carry as an unfortunate scar.
  • Jogging x 5. Running in Powerisers is supposedly 5 times more effective than jogging due to their impact-inhibiting fiberglass springs.
  • Back and knee strengthening. Cushions impact to relieve the strain on the spinal column, discs, and joints.
  • Pimp making. If you can do the stuff the guys in the video can? Instant ticket to Poundtown.

Suggested via Dude Product Tips by Jeff. B.

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