My Perfect Neck Strengthener for Neck Pain & Posture

Posted: August 18, 2020
$79 - $108
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You, sweet thing, are my perfect...neck. From C1 to C7, trapezius to levator scapulae, I wouldn't change a single bone or muscle in your body part. And it's all thanks to the 1 minute a day I spend with this little contraption for relieving neck pain and building good posture. I like to call it the Thigh Master of 2020. But it calls itself - no surprise here - My Perfect Neck.

The above love story is just one of many the makers of My Perfect Neck feel will bloom between people with neck pain and postural kyphosis (i.e., computer hunch) and their deep neck muscle strengthener.

My Perfect Neck believes the only way to permanently fix neck pain and posture problems is to build the deep muscles at the back of the neck responsible for pulling the head and shoulders back, stabilizing the cervical spine, and keeping the entire spine straight. This includes about 20 deep cervical, upper neck, and upper back muscles, plus the large trapezius muscle overlaying them.

With the My Perfect Neck fitness tool and about 60 seconds, or 15 forward-back reps, per day, they say you will simultaneously stretch and straighten the key muscles in your neck and back that support model posture, and relieve the primary causes of neck pain, tension, and related headaches.

You can read more about My Perfect Neck on its Kickstarter campaign page, as well as pledge for a neck strengthener of your own through September 2, 2020.

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