Gaiam Balance Disc - Wobble Cushion for Your Desk Chair

Posted: December 22, 2019
Gaiam Balance Disc - Wobble Cushion for Your Desk Chair
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Time to start sweatin' your New Year's resolutions. The Gaiam Balance Disc is mostly a wobble cushion for your desk chair, but also partly an accessory for core strength and balance exercises out of your chair. It's a great mate for anyone with visions of improving their posture in 2020, plus eases those of you with more lofty fitness goals into the process more gently than a gym membership or Flywheel home bike.

Also, unlike my other favorite semi-passive piece of fitness equipment, the Vibration Plate Jiggle Fitness Machine, the Gaiam Balance Disc is not too expensive if you're one of the many...many people who keep your New Year's resolutions only until the Super Bowl.

Sitting on chair topped with a half-domed Gaiam Balance Disc adds instability and consistent, but subtle, movement to an otherwise static position. Given how often we sit at a desk, and how long we spend sitting each time we plant the caboose, Gaiam says the cumulative effect of spending even an hour or two a day on a wobble cushion can greatly improve both belly and low back strength.

Gaiam also reports the cushy, air-filled Balance Disc is comfortable to sit on, and can double as a seat outdoors, on hard floors, and during meditation.

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