Cubii JR Seated Under Desk Elliptical Machine

Posted: September 07, 2020
Cubii JR Seated Under Desk Elliptical Machine
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The Cubii JR, an under-desk elliptical machine you can use while seated, merges work from home with workout from home, and makes the whole WFH phenomenon:

A. Even better than it was before!

B. Even worse than it was before!

C. Wait, you still sit in a desk chair that allows your feet to touch the floor? That is so 2010s. The 2020s are all about criss-cross-applesaucin' through your workday in a Soul Seat.

Like stand-up ellipticals, and the glorious ElliptiGO, Cubii has an ergonomic design that imparts no joint impact during use. Tucked under your desk where you can't see it, and driven by natural, fluid pedal strokes, the Cubii JR endeavors to melt into your body function background, becoming a near unconscious activity that keeps your legs moving, blood flowing, and heart working just a little harder while you're seated and working. Or watching TV. Or assembling one of the 14 best DIY build kits.

Cubii JR has 8 levels of resistance and operates "whisper quiet." A digital display tracks real time, calories burned, RPM, strides, and distance.

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