ChopFit Chopper Functional Trainer

Posted: January 02, 2021
ChopFit Chopper Functional Trainer
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Will you get a load of the legs on ChopFit's Chopper demo dude? Holy functional training axe, Batman, forget ripped, chiseled, and cut! If using the Chopper means I have any hope of building a fortress of muscle like that dude, I'm ready to get Chopped. 2021's gonna be the year of Paul Bunyan quads and hammies, baby!

The ChopFit Chopper is an axe-shaped fitness tool that weighs just 4 pounds - to keep it portable - but uses its unique build and weight distribution to create varying workloads of 6 to 16 pounds, depending on where you grip its handle. That is, the farther away you hold the Chopper from its head, the heavier it feels. ChopFit designed the Chopper as an all-in-one tool for both strength and cardio training. Those of you who love, or love to hate, HIIT-style workouts can incorporate it into your home gym and fitness sessions, or use it outside or while traveling and the foundation for your entire workout, without the need for a bevy of weights and accessories to accompany it.

Chopper purchases include the ChopFit app, with instructions and tips for use, as well as an exercise library and interactive workouts on demand.

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