Big-O Stunt Skates

Posted: August 06, 2012
Big-O Stunt Skates

Despite their being shaped like big Os, I'm not sure about Big-O as a name for these stunt skates. I'm pretty sure if I were to try them, the words "Big O" would not be at the forefront of my mind. I'd call mine Big I Didn't Think My Knee Could Bend That Way and, Huh, I've Never Seen My Rib Outside My Skin Before Skates. But maybe some of you out there who are better at balance and agility and, let's face it, walking than I am, will await the production of what are currently a set of concept skates with a little more anticipation.

SpringTime, a Dutch research and industrial design firm that provides consulting services for the likes of Coca-Cola and Toyota, created Big-O skates for their other big-boy client, Nike. Simple and unencumbered like skateboards and inline skates, Big-Os add a dose of bicycle to the mix, for a new kind of wheeled endeavor with almost limitless possibilities for sick jumps, flips, and other circus tricks on a variety of terrains. The wee foot-enshrining monowheels are far less restrictive than Monovelos, both in terms of maneuverability, portability, and the reduced likelihood that people will bitch at you and your friends to get off the public sidewalks with those cockamamie things.

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