Back Bubble Spinal Decompressor & Back Stretcher

Posted: June 27, 2022
Back Bubble Spinal Decompressor & Back Stretcher
$298 - $398
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Hey, if it stretches my spine, restores traction, and relieves my lower back pain, I don't care what kind of poon the Back Bubble makes me look like while I'm using it. Adult male in a baby carrier. Fat dude stuck in a tire swing. Side of beef getting hung up to dry. All's fair in love and fighting the effects of getting older.

The Back Bubble provides spinal decompression, back stretching, and back traction in multiple planes and positions, including kneeling, upright, leaning, reclining, shoulder stand, and full inversion. It consists of an air-filled body harness and a buoyancy spring that, despite how it looks in the photos, the brand says feels "like floating in air-cushioned weightlessness."

The Back Bubble comes in Patient and Physician models, both with multiple options for mounting the device so it hangs from your ceiling or doorway. The Physician model comes with a chin-up bar suspension system, while the Patient model includes a heavy-duty hook.

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