Toe Separator Socks for Alignment & Relief

Posted: April 19, 2017
Toe Separator Socks for Alignment & Relief
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Mmm, spread those sexy toes wide! Not just for my benefit, but for your own. Whether you're into yoga, promoting blood circulation and relieving foot pain after a workout, or slowing down the growth of your bunion, the Toe Separator Socks believe they can be of more assistance than simply preventing this little piggy from hip checking that one.

Toe Separator Socks' claimed functions run deep. For those with deformed toes, or who wear heels / constricting shoes for long periods of time, the socks say they restore or maintain alignment. That trickles down to preventing foot cramps and relieving pain. Keeping toes cushioned, warm, and separated may also help you sleep better. And for yogis and athletes the socks help stretch and exercise the toes for improved balance and performance. And so that, with any luck, someday your toes will be as talented as this lady's.

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