Theragun Mini Muscle Massager

Posted: May 05, 2020
Theragun Mini Muscle Massager
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The one thing missing from my backpack: a jackhammer for my back. AKA the Theragun Mini, Theragun's portable version of their professional-level muscle massager that takes no knot or fascial adhesion prisoners.

Originally an instrument of hurts so good wielded by physical and massage therapists and trainers, the Theragun has become a favorite of celebrities and athletes, as well as plain ol' tight, tired, and knotted up consumers like you and me. Both the standard a Mini versions use an intense hammering motion to deliver their soothing blows, with the Theragun Min powered by a brushless QX35 motor adjustable to 1750, 2100, and 2400 percussions per minute speeds.

The Theragun Mini motor also incorporates QuietForce Technology so taking advantage of its portability won't create a noise disturbance in public places. I mean, aside from your own whines, moans, and yelps.

The Mini is also cordless and rechargeable, with a battery life supporting up 150 minutes of sustained run time.

Theragun use is intended to increase blood flow in and between muscles, decrease lactic acid buildup, and stunt the pain cycle that may result from intense workouts or activity.

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