TheraCup At-Home Cupping Therapy Device

Posted: May 06, 2023
TheraCup At-Home Cupping Therapy Device
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Can I interest you in a DIY red polka-dotted epidermis? The TheraCup is an at-home cupping therapy device you can use on your own body to increase blood flow and provide relief to areas that are tight or in pain. But it's made by massage gun brand TheraGun, so the TheraCup is obviously more than a simple glass fish bowl or plastic boobie-lookin' bauble you suction to your leg until you can't stand it anymore.

TheraGun has infused the TheraCup with their signature vibration technology, plus thrown in a heating element for good measure. The resultant ThermaVibration feature combines with the cup's suction "to create an easy-to-use digitized cupping experience that optimizes localized relief and recovery."

Controls on the end of the TheraCup allow for 3 intensity levels each of suction decompression, heat, and vibration. The device also comes with 3 cup sizes for focused use on smaller and larger muscle groups. Built-in sensors and an auto-shutoff feature keep the cupping process safe for users to do themselves.

While cupping doesn't have a lot of Western science backing it, Traditional Chinese Medicine has used the method for centuries as a way to unblock Qi, blood, and / or energy. People use cupping therapy to help with everything from muscle relaxation, to lymphatic toxin release, to musculoskeletal pain, to digestive problems. The TheraCup seeks to put these profesional-level benefits into users' own hands.

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