Rolflex Arm & Leg Massager

Posted: October 03, 2022
Rolflex Arm & Leg Massager
$79.95 - $99.95
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Feel the benefits...and the torture...of foam rolling from anywhere with the Rolflex Arm & Leg Massager. You can even focus the brutality on forearms and triceps, calves and inner thighs, and other arm and leg areas that are harder to pinpoint with pain using a floor roller.

The Rolflex is sold as a tool for athletes, gym rats, office workers, parents, and anyone else with abnormally tight, inflamed muscles, as well as people recovering from injuries such as golfer's and tennis elbow, tendonitis, and carpal tunnel. It has an adjustment channel at the bottom so you can click the Rolflex more closed or open to accommodate smaller hand and wrist areas, as well as larger ones at the thigh.

The business side of the Rolflex is a yellow contoured foam roller that can provide deep tissue massaging and myofascial release according to how hard you grip the ergonomic handles at the top. Across from the yellow roller is a smooth, soft cylindrical roller that provides "sponge-like support" for the side of your body you're not trying to manhandle into relaxation at the moment.

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