Massage Ball Kit

Posted: September 22, 2023
Massage Ball Set
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I never thought I'd eagerly anticipate, and sometimes straight up long for, blue balls until I got me this Massage Ball Kit. The 6-piece set contains tools of various sphere-based shapes, sizes, and materials, each with their own special gifts for fixing jacked-up muscles.

Deer Jump says their Massage Ball was "engineered by dedicated physiotherapists," to hit pressure points and provide myofascial release. The largest ball, made of foam, is 3.5" in diameter and ideal for larger muscle areas, such as the glutes. A small foam ball and a more dense and hard lacrosse ball (both 2.6" in diameter) better target smaller muscle groups, such as those around the shoulders and scapula. A 5.5" foam peanut works especially well rolling along the spine and hip areas, with the 2 connected balls doing the digging, and the straight connecting piece keeping the pressure off the bone itself. The last two members of the Massage Ball Kit look a little scarier. The spiky 3" ball is made to hit your calves and feet, and a 2.5" geometric not-ball with ball-shaped points jutting out from it can get into your hands.

Use the Massage Ball Kit on the floor or leaning against the wall to get your preferred positioning and leverage. I also recommend taking the drawstring bag of goodies on road trips and sticking one, or all 6, behind and underneath you when you're stuck sitting in a car seat for 10 hours.

In addition to unwinding knots and easing tension, the Massage Ball Kit is useful in increasing blood flow to muscles to prevent tightness and injury, as well as increasing flexibility and range of motion. A great gift for an athlete.

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