Hip-Fin Hip Flexor Release Tool

Posted: October 05, 2022
Hip-Fin Hip Flexor Release Tool
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My hips don't lie...they frickin' hurt. Tight, ropey, maybe not quite ready for Hip-Fin levels of pain to release them, but, hey. If it's agony for minutes and ecstasy for days thereafter, I'm dude enough to take it.

While I have not tried the Hip-Fin yet, I did, no joke, just place an order for one. Even though it's kind of expensive for a rocking hunk of plastic that looks fixin' to do mean things to me, both my wife and I are at our wits - or rather, our hip flexors end with back and knee pain.

Yes, that's right, back and knee pain. We're pretty sure it's referral pain, pain originating in one place that we're feeling in another. And since we've tried massage, foam rolling, and Thumb Savers already, but none can really get in those deep, awkward spots along the iliacus and psoas, it's Hip-Fin time.

Hip-Fin is made to lie on top of and rock gently back and forth on. Its odd design mimics the shape of an ortho physical therapist's hands as they're digging into patients' iliacus and psoas major muscles, ideally doing just as good of a job releasing them as a human would. The Hip-Fin is a highly targeted and highly specific tool - you won't be able to use it for knots in your scapula or tight quads - but if its effectiveness radiates outward from its, er, insertion point, you'll end up relieving back, hip, and lower leg pain through just two placements and some simple rocking movements.

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