Gaiam Restore Finger Massager

Posted: June 06, 2019
Gaiam Restore Hand Therapy Kit
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I don't know, that dude sticking his thumb inside the Gaiam Restore Finger Massager looks a little questionable. Maybe not quite as ill-advised as me sticking my hand down the garbage disposal to retrieve food I didn't mean to throw out, but my first thought in seeing it is, "I wonder if he's going to get that back."

The Finger Massager is made to provide some relief for people experiencing stiffness, joint pain, and arthritis in their hands. Whether from years of working at a computer, or years of gaming, or years of performing other types of repetitive hands-on activities (uh...) the tool helps stimulate blood flow and roll out stiffness by applying pressure up and down individual fingers.

Gaiam also includes a "Side B" on their Finger Massager, a single larger roller for massaging the palms and other areas of the hand at pressure points.

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