FITLY Minimalist Running Pack

Posted: July 27, 2022
FITLY Minimalist Running Pack
$59 - $79
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While I maintain a policy of running only in emergency situations, such as being about to miss a flight, or beating people who look like they're headed into the same line or restaurant I am, I do understand others run for exercise and pleasure. Some even call themselves "runners." And so it is for these people, these running people, these runners that I present the FITLY Minimalist Running Pack.

FITLY's packs allow runners to strap water and other personal items to their back in a low-profile, non-chafing kind of way as they speed demon their way around neighborhoods and trails. They feature a Thoracic Belt that sits centered on the ribcage, and both secures the pack, and contains small zippered pockets for holding gels, flasks, IDs, and cash. The pack portion of FITLYs sits flat across the wearer's upper to mid back, and is built with 4 stretch points to ensure it "sticks to your every move" and is hardly noticeable as you run.

FITLY makes their Minimalist Running Pack in Sub45 AND Sub90 models, each referring to the length of run they're suitable for (i.e., less than 45 or less than 90 minutes). The primary difference between the two is that the Sub90 comes with a 500mL hydration pack and drinking tube, and is therefore a little bigger and thicker.

Muchas danke to Bless This Stuff.

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