BackBadger Percussive Massage Gun Handle

Posted: May 02, 2023
BackBadger Percussive Massage Gun Handle
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Ninefold's BackBadger isn't a percussive massage gun but, like BASF, Ninefold doesn't make the percussive massage guns you buy. It makes the percussive massage guns you buy better. Compatible with 99% of the massage guns currently on the market, including the OG TheraGun, the Ninefold BackBadger is a gnarly-lookin' handle designed to help you pound and vibrate your gnarly-feelin' knots out of your back, butt, and other body parts difficult to reach on your own.

The BackBadger's ergonomic design includes a lightweight (2.38 pounds) aluminum frame bent into a wave shape that provides a natural pivot point so you can easily control it without using much additional force. That is, without jacking up another muscle group whilst trying to relieve tension and increase blood flow in the first one. The BackBadger should be comfortable to grip at any point along the wave, and is made to angle and rotate in any direction to reach up and down the back of your body.

High strength ratcheting buckles, the same as those used for snowboard bindings, secure your massage gun to the BackBadger handle, and prevent over tightening / damage to the device.

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