World's Smallest Super Soaker

Posted: April 02, 2019
World's Smallest Super Soaker
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Ahaha! The growing bald spot on the back of my friend Cornelius' head will never see me coming with the World's Smallest Super Soaker! Oh yes, dudes, this 4" squirt gun is real, and it's headed straight for your thumbs and forefingers* just in time for summer.

The World's Smallest Super Soaker is the latest release from brand World's Smallest, which takes a host of popular toys of past and present, such as Stretch Armstrong and the Glo Worm, and shrinks them down to palm-size. Or, if you're a kid 4 and under, bite-size.

Each World's Smallest Super Soaker holds enough water for about a dozen shots, which it can launch a distance of up to 25'. Two styles are available, the classic Super Soaker 50 and the newer Super Soaker Barrage.

*Despite its significant size reduction, the World's Smallest Super Soaker still calls for one hand to pump and the other to shoot. That's gonna be tough firing for the big boys out there. But also the perfect gift for any dude you might know - or know of - with tiny hands.

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