R-KAID-R Handmade Portable Gaming Console

Posted: March 02, 2018
R-KAID-R Wood Gaming Console
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With an R-Kaid-R (Arcader) you'll be able to race Mario in his kart, munch Pac-Man through his maze, and fight off centipedes just like the good ol' days from your portable, handmade, very limited edition...and almost unconscionably expensive console. R-Kaid-R is a gaming system that will be loved by all, but played by a very, very few.

R-Kaid-R opens up from a smooth and bee-yoo-tee-ful little wooden box into a screen and backdrop that look like the TV set my grandma used to have, and a controller reminiscent of a classic arcade cabinet - joystick and a series of oversized push buttons. R-Kaid-Rs come in 6 different highly stylized designs, each limited to an edition of 50.

Designs incorporate different woods and colors to suit various vibes, though all but the jet black and neon highlights of the Brainbow model have a decidedly retro aesthetic.

R-Kaid-R consoles can store of 10,000 emulated games - USB connectivity lets you add your own - and the rechargeable unit will give you 5+ hours of gaming per charge. For the ultimate gamer, the R-Kaid-R could be the ultimate gaming gift.

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