Team Magnus Incog Water Gun

Posted: May 05, 2021
Team Magnus Incog Water Gun
$12 - $34
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I don't know Magnus, but based on the looks of his Incog Water Gun - sleek, svelte, and stealthy - I'd be on his team for a water fight. Honestly, with a name like Magnus, I'd feel pretty comfortable being on his team for a bar fight or, like, a fight to save Earth from hostile aliens too.

But let's stick with the water fight for now. In a nod to MI5, the Incog Water Gun reimagines your standard squirt gun or Super Soaker as a more stylish, and easily hidden, blaster of H2prOjectiles. Team Magnus says the Incog also feels more ergonomic to hold and use, and is more in line with "modern kids' gadgetry." As if you're going to give these water guns as gifts for your kids, and not just buy a stash for you and all your friends Cornelius to use in your mama's backyard this summer.

Incog Water Guns have a 40-ounce water (or liquor!) capacity, and a firing distance of up to 32 feet. Color combos include grey / blue, grey / red, and light grey / purple.

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