Tannus - Bike Tires That Never Go Flat

Posted: August 23, 2015

Why will you never get a flat if you put Tannus tires on your bike? Because Tannus tires don't got no air inside. Move over, Spandex. You've had a good run, but Micro Closed Cell Polymer Resin's about to dethrone you and become cyclists' new best friend.

Micro Closed Cell Polymer Resin, pet named "Aither," is the technology responsible for Tannus tires' lofty claims. The material is foam-ish in nature, similar to lightweight sport shoes, and 100% solid. It resists wear, environmental bogeys, such as rocks, nails, and broken glass, and punk-ass fools who try to slash your tires because their mamas didn't love them enough. But like pneumatic tires, Tannuses still feel comfortable underfoot (butt cheeks), minimize rolling resistance, and ride safely.

In addition to saving cyclists from the hassle and slowdown of getting a flat, Tannus tires also come in a whole bunch pretty colors. Again, thanks to the foaming tech of Aither, tires in anything from red and green to pink and purple are available for purchase in 5 different models for various styles of bike. Tanks tire options include: Road/Touring; Road/Cross/Mini-Velo; City/All-Terrain/Mini-Velo; City/All-Terrain; and Tannus Mini-Velo.

Visit the Tannus website for information on distribution and retail locations. At printing, they were available in 20 different countries.

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