SpyraThree Water Bullet Water Gun

Posted: April 06, 2023
SpyraThree Water Bullet Water Gun
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How many tries does it take to get to the center of the Spyra water bullet water gun design? Let's ask Mr. Owl. Oooone. ...Twoooo. ... Thrrreeee! Three tries! At least for now, since Spyra just released the latest version of their standout water warfarer: the SpyraThree WaterBlaster.

The body and basic design of the SpyraThree look pretty much the same as the SpyraTwo, but, as Mr. Owl eating a Tootsie Pop would say, it's what's on the inside that counts. And here, Spyra has upgraded its WaterBlaster with the option to shoot a namesake 3 "super fast, consecutive, ultra-powerful" water bullets with each pull of the trigger. (Spyras One and Two each fired just one, with enhancements being mostly aesthetic.) In addition, a full SpyraThree tank can unload 22 pressurized blasts before you'll have to refill.

Yes, fellow math whizzes, I noticed that too - you'll get 7 triple rounds and then a lone single shot from a topped off SpyraThree. Shrug. Guess they didn't want to make a new mold just to honor the laws of division.

Also, the Three in SpyraThree denotes the three game modes available with this new edition. Open mode is freestyle, burst mode activates the 3-blast setting, and league mode is fine-tuned for group gameplay, with a restricted rate of fire, but maximum range and impact.

Like its predecessors, the SpyraThree also has an automated pump to cut refill time to 10 seconds and effort to 0. A tactical display shows how much water and battery power you have left.

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