Splashlight Bioluminescent Water Blaster

Posted: October 08, 2016
Splashlight Bioluminescent Water Blaster
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Remember when you used to put lightning bug butts and water in the blender and then use them to fill your squirt gun for nighttime fights with your friend Cornelius? Ahhh, childhood in the 80s. That was cool. Maybe even cooler: the SplashLight. The SplashLight is a bioluminescent water blaster that fills with a natural ReLume protein solution, so kids of the 2020s don't even have to hunt down fireflies or get in trouble for putting them in their mamas' kitchen appliances to nail each other with glowing jets of water.

Splashlight ReLumes consist of two separate ingredients, each of which mixes with water in a separate chamber within the spray gun. When you pull the trigger, both ingredients release, meeting at the nozzle, and creating glowing water both during the shot, and for up to a few minutes after it strikes your target. ReLumes are non-toxic and will not stain your clothing or epidermis.

The Splashlight Hero Package includes a red, blue, or purple water blaster and 2 packs of the bioluminescent fuel. Guns can fire their load over 12', and each pack of ReLumes is good for up to 200 blasts.

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