Speedcraft AIR Nostril-Opening Sunglasses

Posted: February 04, 2022
Speedcraft AIR Nostril-Opening Sunglasses
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Even though Speedcraft AIR nostril-opening sunglasses are designed for cyclists, after 2 full years of pinching off my nostrils with face masks and their bendy metal nose bars, I am really feeling a piece of eyewear designed specifically to pull them wide open. Or, more accurately according to maker 100%, to "control nasal dilation from minimum to maximum."

Speedcraft AIR Sunglasses incorporate a built-in nasal dilator developed by AC Systems. The breathing technology allows cyclists to control nasal airflow with precision via a dial in the center of the lens that opens or closes a pair of magnetic arms flanking the nose. The idea is to gain better overall breath control throughout a ride by balancing air intake with the intensity at which a rider is working at various stages.

Seems like just another fitness thing to fiddle with and figure out to me. Not to mention one with no hard proof of benefit, like the O2 trainer. But if you're the Speedcraft AIR Sunglasses' target audience - someone who spends hours a day, multiple days a week, on a bike - maybe you've got the time and inclination to fiddle and figure with a nostril dilator.

The Speedcraft AIR uses magnetic nose stickers (disposable & replaceable) to secure and achieve custom fit on individual noses. As for the rest of the sunglasses, 100% uses large shield lenses with 360-degree visibility. They're scratch-resistant and coated in HYDROILO to repel oil and water, and employ HiPER lens tech for enhanced color and clarity. The TR90 frames provide additional space between the lens and rider's face to improve airflow and prevent fogging. Ultra-grip rubber-coated temple arms ensure Speedcraft AIR Sunglasses grip and comfort, keeping them in place no matter how much sweat enters the scene.

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