Skiskates - Ice Skates for Ski Slopes

Posted: September 17, 2020
Skiskates - Ice Skates for Ski Slopes
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To quote the great Lil John, To all Skiskate motherf**ker (motherf**ker!) all Skiskate hot damn (hot damn!) To all Skiskate mother- huh? That's not what he says, you say? Well. Bummer for Skiskates. I thought they had some built-in advertising in the form of a smash hit 00s party song.

From the makers of Snowfeet ice-gliding shoe strap-ons, Skiskates are another type of ice skate for the ski slopes, but these connect to your ski boots. You could also think of them as "the shortest skis in the world!" which is the tagline their superlative-loving creators have gone with over the mistaken lyrics of Lil Jon & the East Side Boyz's "Get Low."

Skiskates are small and light enough to stuff in a backpack - at least one thing they have over standard skis - and wear as one size fits all, with bindings that adjust to fit your exact boot.

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