Rungu Electric Juggernaut

Posted: August 19, 2016
Rungu Electric Juggernaut

Remember the Juggernaut Bullfrog Fat Trike? Now it's even fatter. And croaks way louder. To their extra-thick, triple-wheeled, all-terrain, no-BS monster, Rungu has added a 2,100-watt motor and Hi-Power Cycles controller. They call the Electric Juggernaut "the green alternative to an ATV."

Aside from additional power, the Electric Juggernaut shares the same specs as the manual trike. Long wheel base, 4.7" fat tires, solid traction and control through loose ground, snow, and sand. It roll over obstacles up to 6" tall. And now it can do it all faster, up to 20MPH over a 20-mile range per charge.

The Electric Juggernaut's standard electrical components consist of a hi-torque, 3-phase hub motor, intuitive throttle control with digital speed / power consumption / batter status readout, and an all-aluminum controller and battery casing.

Rungu requests that anyone interested contact them directly for pricing information. I know, right? Not a good sign. Especially since the non-electric fat trike starts at $3,300.

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