Republic Kids Cargo Bike

Posted: May 23, 2020
Republic Kids Cargo Bike
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What, kids, you think you're gonna just ride right into summer fun after having skipped the whole last third of your school year? Uh-uh, ya little rapscallions, not if Republic and their Kids Cargo Bike have anything to say about it. This summer you work. So take a minute to admire your new retro-cool 3-wheeler in Sour Apple or Navy Blue, and then get ready to start hauling some loads in that 12" x 16" basket mounted to the front.

Face masks and gloves for a PPE delivery service. Mulch for your mama's garden. New pipe for the neighbor's DIY sewer line replacement project. Load 'em up, and load 'em out.

In truth, Republic created their Kids Cargo Bikes to bring delight and joy to the faces of the 4- to 6-year-olds they're built to suit. Inspired by classic 3-wheeled cargo bikes, the pint-sized versions feature a wooden crate Republic envisions kiddos using to transport "beginner typography books, Pantone / Crayola conversion charts, or even little puppy Gehry," rather than something useful.

Hmmm. I guess as parent and purchaser of a Kids Cargo Bike, you can decide whether Republic's or my ideas for what your kids do with it are better.

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