Kradl Manual Bike Lift & Storage System

Posted: June 18, 2019
Kradl Bike Lift & Storage System
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At first glance, Kradl seems to be regressing. A manual bike lift? A storage system requiring you to hoist your bicycle up to the ceiling of your garage without the assistance of electricity or ropes and pulleys? What is this, Old Tech Tuesday?

Nay, says Kradl, it's Low Tech Tuesday. The company describes its bike lift and storage system as a simplification of the process and effort typically required to rack your bike to a ceiling or rafters. Kradl uses a harness to that attaches to your top tube or wheel, and then a release cord and lift mechanism to take on the heavy lifting of pulling your bike up to its base, and securing it overhead.

Kradl comes in models for bicycles weighing up to 25 pounds (e.g., road, tri, cyclocross, fixie, kid) and up to 40 pounds (e.g., cruiser, comfort, mountain, fat). The 25-pound version can travel up to 12' vertically to accommodate ceiling heights up to 15', and the 40-pound up to 10' / 13'.

To retrieve a bike from Kradl, just pull it down. You can also pull and stop it at whatever mid-air height you like along the way for bike cleaning and servicing.

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