Kickit Pro Trainer - Badminton Meets Soccer

Posted: February 28, 2023
Kickit Pro-Trainer - Badminton Meets Soccer
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Ah, badminton and soccer. Two sports very...well...irrelevant to my heart. Not to dog the Kickit Pro Trainer, which looks fun...in a way. A way that's sort of like, "Sure! I'll mess around with this hacky sack for 5 minutes until I get bored." Huh. Sorry, Kickit Pro Trainer. I guess I am doggin' you.

Let me try this again, in the voice of a dude who has no opinion whatsoever on badminton, soccer, or combining badminton and soccer.

The Kickit Pro Trainer tweaks the aerodynamic badminton birdie into a sporting good you kick with your feet rather than whack with a racket. In addition to occupying kids and antsy adults with a fun, energy-channeling game of body-bopping the birdie, the Kickit Pro Trainer can help improve soccer skills, general sports ball control and reaction time, and even juggling efforts. You can kick it with the Kickit birdie solo, pass it back and forth between friends, or create competitive, soccer-style games based on the Kickit Pro Trainer's one rule of play: no hands.

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