Jaws Antifog Spray

Posted: April 22, 2020
Jaws AntiFog Spray
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Despite the instant homicidal shark connection JAWS Antifog Spray likely draws for you, and despite its most logical application as a Quick Spit condensation eliminator for the swimming goggles and snorkeling masks that would typically be part of water activities in Jaws territory, here JAWS is an acronym. For Just Add Water Solutions, the company that makes the Quick Spit Antifog Spray, so named for their watersports roots.

Since JAWS' founding and Quick Spit Antifog Spray debut in 2005, their product line has grown, as has the original product's application. Not just for water-based pursuits, the Antifog Spray is also suitable for keeping clear face and eyewear used for land sports and in industrial settings. I'll bet it would even take care of a recent problem I've acquired: fogged-up sunglasses worn in tandem with a covid face mask.

While not recommended for use on prescription glasses, JAWS Quick Spit Antifog Spray is suitable for safety goggles, ski goggles, paintball masks, hockey masks, motorcycle helmets, basketball goggles, and more. Each 1-ounce bottle of Antifog Spray has 200+ pumps that can be applied to wet or dry glass and plastic surfaces. The JAWS Quick spit formula is non-toxic and biodegradable.

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