Posted: April 25, 2015
Check It Out

I'm sure serious, elitist golfers have long been wondering when their posh country clubs were going to figure out a way to incorporate skateboarding into their rolling 18 holes of pristine greens. Well, lads, this is your lucky day: the GolfBoard has arrived.

GolfBoard promotes itself as a means of eliminating the "sedentary activity of sitting in a cart." This rideable greens surfer will also increase the speed of play and, according to its makers, actually reduce wear on turf. Its makers also promise that the standup transporter is intuitive to operate and easy to ride, tearing along courses at up to 14mph. The machine has 4WD and posi-traction, with gear boxes in the front and back rather than chains or belts. The GolfBoard's tires were designed specifically for turf use, bringing stability and no-spin traction, plus a gentle ride to both the golfer and the turf.

GolfBoards are available in Commercial and Personal Use models, each with "low speed" and "high speed" operation options. They are powered by a lithium-ion battery that can carry them 18+ holes between charges.

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