Dart Zone Pro MK-1 Collector's Edition Blaster

Posted: September 15, 2019
Dart Zone Pro MK-1 Collector's Edition Blaster
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The forthcoming Dart Zone Pro MK-1 Collector's Edition Blaster doesn't look as cool as Nerf's new Elite Titan CS-50 Blaster, but when it comes to performance, it looks like all the boxes get their check. Range: 150'. Firing speed: 150 FPS. Accuracy: balls-on.

In addition the MK-1 Collector's Edition is part of a limited run of 1,000 units, each individually numbered, and packed with a certificate of authenticity. Each box includes:

  • Upper Receiver / Front Blaster Body with Pre-Installed Metal Barrel
  • Lower Receiver / Rear Blaster Body
  • Optional Plastic Barrel
  • Adjustable Shoulder Stock
  • Front Handle
  • Rear and Front Sight for Tactical Picatinny Rail
  • Thumb Screws (x2)
  • Connector Pins (x2)
  • O-Rings (x2)
  • 15-Standard Dart Magazine (x1)
  • 15-Half-Length Dart Magazine (x1)
  • Half-Length Magazine Clip Adaptor (x1)
  • 15 Dart Zone Pro Standard Darts
  • 15 Dart Zone Pro Half-Length Darts

Dart Zone expects to start shipping the MK-1 Collector's Edition blaster in October 2019.

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