Cogburn CB4 Hunting Bike

Posted: August 28, 2013
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Well here's one way for mountain bikers to take out the competition during races. Can't beat 'em with speed and skillful maneuvering? No problem. Just haul out your crossbow from the scabbard on Cogburn's CB4 hunting bike and beat 'em with direct projectile impact. Well, yes, I suppose there will be legal repercussions to the use of such methods, but maybe they'll be less severe if you go with a paintball Airow rather than, like, a vital-organ-puncturing arrow.

Or just use the CB4 for its intended, and far more practical purpose: a two-wheeled, man-powered hunting machine. A camo bike with fat, 3.8" tires, Cogburn's latest release was designed for stealth backcountry pursuits. Its scabbard, made of light, aircraft-grade aluminum, attaches to the bike's rear rack and positions to hold rifles and rods in addition to bows. The bike also has full-range gearing, all-condition disc brakes, and a wide handlebar for control while loaded. Presumably that means loaded with gear and loaded with the spoils of the gear's successful application, as CB4 Frame and fork attachment points abound for expanded carrying capacity.

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