Citizen Bones Humanoid Fishing Lures

Posted: September 05, 2022
Citizen Bones Humanoid Fishing Lures

David Maher of Citizen Bones Fishing emailed me to suggest his Humanoid (and Skeleton!) Fishing Lures for a product write up, and it reminded me of something: I get a lot of stupid, awful, and pushy product suggestions. And it reminded me of that because Citizen Bones Fishing and Maher's human-shaped lures are none of those things. They are the rare Dude product suggestion gem that is just frikkin' awesome!

Maher says he came up with the idea for Citizen Bones Fishing Co. in May 2017, and launched it at last - out of his Tennessee basement! - in April 2022. He currently handmakes all of his humanoid and skeleton lures in professionally engineered CNC molds, fashioning them in various themes of bait-worthy bright colors, and stuffing some with additional artificial lures to make them even more enticing. Ants, grub, crawfish, crickets. Citizen Bones Fishing even offers a set of Humanoids stuffed with live worms, 2 per bait. (Those have a limited, 1-week shelf life.)

Humanoid and skeleton lures measure around 3" long, and work for both freshwater and saltwater fishing of smallmouth and largemouth bass, sea trout, ladyfish, and more.

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