Bunch O Balloons - 100 Water Balloons in 1 Minute

Posted: July 25, 2014
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Nevermind where can I get some Bunch O Balloons, the better question is where can I get two kids as calm, as pleasant, and as capable of doing heavy manual labor as the pair in the video? Did you see that little blonde girl dragging a barrel of, like, a thousand water balloons like it was no heavier than a box of foam packing peanuts? She wasn't even out of breath at the end. Or whining. More Americans with that echelon of genetic code need to reproduce. And send their kids to my mama's house to fill me up some fat wads of Bunch O Balloons.

Creator (and father of 8, and superior gene bearer) Josh Malone has invented a hose attachment whose other end is fitted with 37 balloons. Turn the hose on, lower the water's dam, and those balloons will automatically fill and tie themselves in about 20 seconds. To dislodge the lot, gently shake the attachment stem and watch all 37 snap off and delicately drop into your weapons bin, primed and ready for launch. Repeat the process 2 more times and you'll have 111 water balloons in just over a minute. Do some basic math and, yep, it's 100 in 60 seconds. And that's a Bunch O Balloons.

Bunch O Balloons use is simple enough that all kids ages 8 and up should be able to keep your supply well stocked during battles on hot summer days, impromptu ambushes at backyard BBQs, and scheduled, high stakes Friday Night Fights.

Bunch O Balloons runs as a Kickstarter campaign through August 21, 2014. The list price below includes 1 bag of Bunch O Balloons, which contains 100 rubber sacs ready for hose bloating. Note that each Bunch O Balloons assembly can be used only once, but the leftover stem is recyclable, and the balloons themselves are biodegradable.

May 2015 Update: Pursuant to a highly successful crowdfunding campaign, Bunch O Balloons are now available for direct purchase--follow the link above.

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