Big Wheel Drift Trike

Posted: July 17, 2014
Big Wheel Drift Trike
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If I had known when I was 7 that I could grow up to be a manufacturer of custom motorized drift trikes maybe I would have let go of all that astronaut BS before wasting the next 12 years figuring out that I'm not smart enough to be an astronaut. Though I guess if I had realized I'm also not smart (or dexterous) enough to build motorized drift trikes, that would've sucked just as bad.

Who does have the mental and physical wherewithal to create these 3-wheeled racing battle machines is August Agner of SFD Industries. Agner and his team claim to be the world's first (and naturally best) motorized drift trike manufacturer. Each trike's chassis is CNC bent out of .095 chro-moly, and tig welded and assembled in house. SFD also builds the forks and bars. Standard, base level big wheel features include:

  • Rear brakes
  • Buyer's choice of standard powder coat
  • Black anodized rims
  • Air filter and adapter
  • Big-rig 26� x 3� front wheel
  • Twist throttle
  • 6.5hp motor
  • Seat, grips, etc.

Upgrade options include: hydraulic disc brakes; a more powerful motor; a down tube mount gas tank; Renthal grips; and a higher level twist throttle.

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