Beer Glass Dart Sharpener Keychain

Posted: June 07, 2023
Beer Glass Dart Sharpener Keychain
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It would seem you'd have to really like playing darts and really like drinking beer to own a Beer Glass Dart Sharpener Keychain, but, I mean, I'd say I'm 5/10 on the first and 7/10 on the second, and I'd still buy one. What a neat little trinket and conversation piece.

Everyone who sees your Beer Glass Dart Sharpener Keychain will ask about it. They'll be like, "Dude, what's that?"

And you'll say, "It's a Beer Glass Dart Sharpener Keychain.

And they'll say, "Really? I didn't even know darts had their own sharpeners."

And you'll say, "Me neither, but this little beer stein has a dart sharpening stone inside it. And it's a dart sharpening stone with a hollow center, accessible from either end, so you just stick your dart tip in, swirl it around, and pouf! A freshly sharpened dart."

And they'll say, "Cool. Do you play a lot of darts?"

And you'll say, "Naw."

And they'll say, "Cool."

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