AirForce BlowGuns

Posted: May 28, 2014

Yeah, it shoots only foam darts and, yeah, it's only as powerful as your lungs, but AirForce BlowGuns still strongly, strongly recommends wearing eye protection while using what they call "one of the simplest yet most effective foam dart guns ever made." And prescription glasses don't count, Ralphie Parker, guy in the video.

Fitted with a mock trigger and a live, fat mouthpiece, the AirForce BlowGun can convert your emphatic exhales into a firing power of up to 800 feet per second (muzzle velocity) and distances of over 100 feet. Its designers note that veterans shoot about 1 round per second, and in a field of foam battle, balls-on accurate range is easily 45 to 50 feet. AirForce says it has tested its gun against competitors in real-life foam dart attacks, with former reigning supreme in blowouts versus nearly a dozen different models in the Nerf-N-Strike series, plus all Air Blasters.

Equally impressive: the AirForce BlowGun can steal many of its opponents' ammo. Most darts from Nerf, Air Zone, Buzz Bee, Sucker Shots, and NXT Generation will load and fire from the AirForce's barrel. In addition, blowgun diehards who want to make their own Stefans can use those as well.

To load and explode an AirForce round, hold the BlowGun snugly against your shoulder and place a dart in the end of the muzzle. Suck gently to pull the dart slightly into the gun. Aim. And finally, at a strength inversely proportional to your suck, let blow the blow.

Small kids and heavy smokers with limited wind capacity can also use the AirForce BlowGun to shoot mini marshmallows. Wait, what? Nevermind the young and decrepit, why wouldn't everyone want to use an AirForce BlowGun to shoot mini marshmallows? From barrel to belly in 2 seconds flat. I bet my friend Cornelius and I could spend all weekend working up appetites Bug-A-Salting flies and then satiating them AirForce BlowGunning pillows of sugar at each other. Mmmm, how many hours until Saturday?

The AirForce BlowGun is a top Dude Gift for a Teen pick.

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