Remote Control Hissing Cobra

Posted: August 31, 2022
Remote Control Hissing Cobra
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A snake in the hand is worth two in the bush. Especially if the snake is this remote control hissing cobra, and the hand is yours, guiding its lifelike, 17" slithering body and retractable tongue toward your friend Cornelius, who has a major fear of snakes, and a major prank coming his way.

After the dick decals he put on your brake lights, an RC snake is the minimum he deserves.

The cobra's infrared remote control is shaped like a snake egg, with buttons to move the serpent forward, right, and left in a realistic way, thanks to the toy's segmented body. Maker Fun Little Toys also notes the cobra moves with a quickness, and has a "meticulous skin texture," enhancing its authenticity, and your ability to use it for nefarious spooky season purposes.

And, if you want to be boring and just give a remote control hissing cobra as a gift to a kid, the snake egg remote is sized for little hands to grasp, so I guess that's OK too.

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