LG StanbyME Go Briefcase Design Touch Screen

Posted: September 07, 2023
LG StanbyME Go Briefcase Design Touch Screen
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This briefcase contains over $1,000 in cash...spent on LG's new StanbyME Go Briefcase Design Touch Screen. Designed for tailgates, camping trips, outdoor movie nights for two, and handcuffing to your wrist, the StanbyME Go is a well-protected and easily portable monitor you can use to stream content, interact with your favorite apps and social media platforms, and play games and music.

As the name indicates, you can control the 27" screen with a touch, but the StanbyME Go is also equipped with voice control, plus LG includes a remote in the package for tactile people like me who like to push buttons. If a power outlet isn't available - as would typically be the case when you want to watch The Blair Witch Project in the middle of the woods - the screen's built-in battery will give you around 3 hours of playtime per charge.

The StanbyME Go rotates to orient in either landscape or portrait mode, plus functions flat like a tabletop if you want to use it to play touch-friendly board games. It connects wirelessly to devices via Apple AirPlay 2, Bluetooth, or Screen Mirroring. For premium movie watching and music sessions, the StanbyME Go has Dolby Vision and 4 x 20W speakers.

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