Tekno Black Light Bubbles

Posted: March 20, 2012
Tekno Black Light Bubbles
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There is a detailed scientific explanation for why otherwise-translucent Tekno Bubbles glow majestic blues and golds under the phosphorescent umbrella of a black light, but we were so Svengalied by the pretty colors we forgot to read it. Eh, talk is cheap anyway, right? Check out the photos and video for some luminous orb action, and to see what the entire world looks like to those who lick the snozberries.

The listed price is for two, 1-ounce bottles of DIY liquid spheres in blue and gold. 32-ounce bottles are also available for blowout parties, ravers' wedding receptions, and people with inordinate lung capacities. Tekno Bubbles may adhere to certain materials and surfaces, temporarily causing visible staining under normal, and especially under black lighting conditions. Hmmm, now that sounds familiar....

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