Star Wars Baby Mobile

Posted: February 11, 2013
Star Wars Baby Mobile

So I get that this Star Wars baby mobile is probably hand spun from fine wool and all, but is the wool shorn from golden fleeced sheep? Does the miniature Millennium Falcon also contain a miniature Han Solo and Chewie? Who are living and ready to read your children bedtime stories and protect them from the bogeyman? No, wait, I know: George Lucas himself got to assign the Star Wars baby mobile its $440 price tag.

Though in the extraordinarily expensive dangling Galatic Republic's defense, most baby mobiles experience a severely limited useful life. Maybe 8 months, or until the kid gets big enough to stand up in its crib and rip apart anything within arms reach. But the Star Wars baby mobile's capacity to charm and delight will last indefinitely, given that as soon as your kid grows out of it, you'll be relocating it to the ceiling light fixture in your own bedroom for long term enjoyment.

Andrea Burnett's kiddified ode to Star Wars takes to the yarn classic series icons, including a Naboo Starfighter, Tie Fighter, X-Wing, Millennium Falcon, Star Destroyer, Republic Attack Gunship, 8 orange and white planets, and 1 Death Star. The pictured mobile was a custom order too, so future buyers can tweak its basic framework with their own selection of Jedi, Siths, ships, and celestial formations. Burnett will include up to 6 Star Wars figures or aircraft and 9 planets.

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