SnoozeShade Pack & Play Blackout Crib Tent

Posted: November 13, 2022
SnoozeShade Pack & Play Blackout Crib Tent
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Uh, do they make a SnoozeShade Pack & Play Blackout Crib Tent for adults? Because ever since turning 40, all I've wanted to do at parties and social gatherings is go somewhere and take a nap about an hour in. My wife tells me it's not allowed, but I swear, if I could just take a time out for, like, 15 minutes, I'd be golden for the rest of the 7 hours she wants to stay.

Alas, there is no SnoozeShade or pack & play for the grown-ass likes of me...yet. But Plufl did come out with a dog bed for humans, so I think I just have to bide my time. And until then, suggest the mamas and pops with babbies and toddlers consider this blackout tent cover for their own portable and mini cribs.

The SnoozeShade blocks out up to 94% of light to create better naptime and nighttime conditions both during the day, and when you need to put your kiddo down in a lit room. It's compatible with most pack & plays and mini cribs up to 43" long, including Guaco, Dream on Me, BabyBjorn, and Micralite brands.

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