Smol At-Home Bounce Houses

Posted: April 10, 2022
Smol At-Home Bounce Houses
$379 - $449
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Kids! Stop jumping on the bed...and start jumping on a Smol Bounce House instead. Smol makes bounce houses for the home - indoors or out - that both provide an active play area for the wee ones, and don't ug up the living room or back yard, thanks to designs in muted pinks, blues, and whites.

At printing, Smol inflatable play houses were available for preorder in Tumble and Rainbow styles, each with a choice of 6' x 6' and 8' x 8' footprints. The smaller version is intended for up to 2 jumpers, while the large can accommodate 3. Weight limit per kid is 80 pounds and 120 pounds respectively. So, yeah, tough break for me and my friend Cornelius. No Smol bouncy, bouncy for us.

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